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Creative Cussin': A Mix 'N' Match Profanity Generator

Creative Cussin':
A Mix 'N' Match
Profanity Generator

The 'southern edition' sequel to best-seller Creative Cursing, this flip book contains a whole slew of words that just couldn't fit in the first edition, and also saw me arguing over whether one could be a "chitlin diddler" or a "chitlins diddler" with my editor. It's a real pappy slapper.


"let’s see how many combinations we can come up with. The answer, if you’ve 128 cards in two contiguous, spiral-bound flappable piles for mixing and matching, is… um… carry the million… a lot"

- Michael Adams, In Praise of Profanity

"It's chock full of preciously inscribed sentiments on spiral rings"

- The Fragrant Liar

"there are some inappropriate combinations, but that is to be expected with anything having to do with cussing"

- DLW on amazon

"bush boner"

- jenmarii on Vine

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