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ENOUGH WICKER: A Golden Girls Podcast

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

A number of years back, I played some (what I thought was) casual Golden Girls trivia with a coworker I'd just become friendly with, and to both of our surprise, we couldn't beat one another. We, indeed, forced the other innocents we were out for a drink with to pull up quiz questions from the internet until we finally admitted a draw. Thus, a friendship was forged on grounds of delightful obsession, and many years later we decided we were already talking about episodes with in-depth scholarly detail, so we created a podcast.

Presenting Enough Wicker: Intellectualizing The Golden Girls.

Lauren and I rewatch the series from beginning to end and break down what still works, what hits differently, and why so many people still love the show decades after its finale originally aired.

Listen on Spotify or on the platform of your choice:

You can also check out our snazzy scholarship-filled website at

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