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Enough Wicker: A Golden Girls Podcast

Picture it: America, a Saturday night in the mid 1980s.

You're sitting around drinking a Ghostbusters juice box, maybe trying to console yourself as you watch the Republican President completely botch handling a pandemic (some things never change) when 9pm rolls around, and -- finally! Some relief in the form of lovely older ladies being hilariously funny.

We're here to recreate that. As independent longtime Golden Girls fans who one day found the fandom in each other -- much to the delight of our mothers -- friends Lauren & Sarah go through each episode in order and take a scholarly look at the themes, storylines, quotes, and legacy of Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, & Sophia.

As an homage to the original airtime of The Golden Girls, you can catch new episodes of #EnoughWicker on Saturdays at 9pm on the platform of your choosing.

Thanks for listening. And reading. (And obsessing, of course.)

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