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Golden Roundup!: Real Mud, Nova Scotia, 36th Debut Anniversary, & More

On this, the 36th anniversary of the debut of The Golden Girls, we've been enjoying so many fan finds recently that we decided to round up a triple-threat batch of some favorite pieces and art about our beloved girls from across the web:

Ortberg's ode to all things transition is an amazing read, and one of our favorite of the genres of relating a television show to one's own life. (I mean, isn't that the whole point of watching them, anyway?) One of the most poignant moments about the expectation of loss is in what he states about Dorothy, "I hadn’t expected that the last episode of The Golden Girls would actually show her leaving." It's heartbreaking in the best way.

This is an excellent recap of many fans' objection to Mixed Blessings being pulled by Hulu, in that it both makes the argument that the scene was not blackface and also heavily acknowledges that that scene wasn't even the most racist thing to ever happen on the show -- or even in that episode! Thrasher is a huge fan and a stellar journalist who clearly thinks a lot about the show and its intricacies. He even has a long-running theory that the show could be about all four ladies in various states of dementia, which would largely explain most of the continuity issues we've all had to grapple with. Can't wait to hear him break that one down someday.

Duane MacLeod's Nova Scotia Golden Girls

This male Golden Girls fanatic dresses in drag and reenacts scenes from The Golden Girls on TikTok/Instagram. MacLeod plays all four characters to perfection, miming the words as the dialogue soundtrack to each episode plays in the background. He completes the effect with amazing wigs, holding a purse when playing Sophia, and by not shaving his goatee. Sometimes it's truly the simple pleasures in life.

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