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Kate Browne's Golden Girls Scholarship: Queers, Motherhood, Tricksters, & The American Dream

One of the best books we read in 2020 was Dr. Kate Browne's TV Milestone Series' book, The Golden Girls. Browne takes Golden Girls scholarship to another level, as her individual takes on Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia are unique and shy away from the obvious, in the best way.

Here's a roundup of our teaser articles of all of the chapters in Kate Browne's book, The Golden Girls, as well as a link to her Enough Wicker's interview:

It’s no secret that The Golden Girls is a fan favorite of the queer community. There’s a whole slew of reasons why the LGBTQ+ community is into this show, but it’s still a fact that the show was about four super-straight white women. Dorothy is one of those straight women, who, according to scholar Kate Browne, participates in the “queering” of The Golden Girls.

Ah, yes, child-rearing. Since the beginning of time (no, really) society has painted the picture of women as inherent nurtures. We are expected to not only seamlessly adjust to life as a mother, but to revel in it. To smile and smile as the baby cries and cries. That doesn’t really happen for Blanche Devereaux, and that alone makes her character worthy of discussion.

Put down your bootstraps and brace yourself, we have some bad news. The American Dream is a myth. It’s not real, never has been. This is probably not a shock to you, reader, but imagine trying to convince everyone’s favorite Minnesota farm girl, Rose Nylund, of this truth. Her heart beats true for the red, white, and blue, regardless of the fact that it is unrequited love.

Sophia is a fabulous character — she’s funny, quirky, charming, loveable, mischievous, and is one of the best physical comedians on the show. And, as everyone knows, she tells great stories. Sophia manipulates the trajectory of a narrative using mischief, and she often helps Rose, Blanche, and Dorothy learn a lesson and get where they need to be.

Listen to our interview with Dr. Kate Browne on all things scholarly and Golden Girls:

To purchase Kate Browne's book, visit and support your local bookstore!

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