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Star-Studded Guest Stars on The Golden Girls, as Discussed with Meanwhile at the Podcast

While we at Enough Wicker are Golden Girls scholars, we won't pretend we are full pop culture scholars. I mean, we could hold our own on a general trivia team, but don't expect us to be your saving grace, you know?

So when we wanted to tackle the robust topic of all of the star-studded guest stars on The Golden Girls throughout the years, who better to call upon but the actual pop culture scholars over at Meanwhile at the Podcast?

Lauren and Sarah chatted with George and Kristin about Quentin Tarantino as Elvis, how Rita Moreno holds her own even in the weirdest episode ever, and how strangely there are so many crossover stars to the 1960s Batman TV show. Plus, we chat about all of the other little B and C background characters that show up in the series.

Listen to our Very Special Episode, featuring Meanwhile at the Podcast:

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