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The Venn Diagram of Punk Rock and The Golden Girls

I've owned this shirt for a number of years, and every once in a while in New York, someone will recognize it for what it is: A mashup of The Golden Girls and the Black Flag band logo.

Given that these are two seemingly disparate interests of mine, it always tickles me when I find someone who speaks both languages. But honestly, when you consider what punk is truly all about, The Golden Girls certainly fits the bill:

  • supports mutual aid

  • anti-war and anti-authoritarian

  • believes in racial and gender equality

  • practices free thought and goes against the grain

  • is quite displeased with Ronald Reagan

Not so disparate as they seem, eh? There's a longer essay for Enough Wicker in here somewhere.

I'm thrilled to find that other weirdos who love punk music and this 80s television show can find each other on the internet.

In addition to the Black Flag tee, there's an ode to Minor Threat:

The Ramones:

The Misfits:


This is what the internet is for, people. Rock on.

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